(Alveston Weir)

NAME OF RIVER: (Warwickshire) Avon.

WHERE IS IT?: Alveston, on the B4086, 2 miles from Stratford.


PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: "The old bathing place" free car park on the A439 Warwick road.

You can also get to the river at School Lane, Tiddington and at Alveston (over a stile and along a footpath).

APPROX LENGTH: 2.5 miles upstream from the car park.

TIME NEEDED: 40 minutes each way.

ACCESS HASSLES: No problems.


GRADING: Flat apart from the weir.

MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: A psychopathic swan.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: It's an easy 40 minute paddle up to the main weir with pleasant views and the usual wildlife. The weir is a 5 foot slope at 45 degrees with a lot of towback.
There is a side weir, a gentle slope with a 1 foot drop into a pool.

Pictures of the Weir

Both are OK to play below, but I've never seen anyone shoot them. Paddling up the stream to the side weir is a challenge as it is shallow and rapid with overhanging willows.


CONTRIBUTED BY: Roger Collier.



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Re: RIVER AVON (Alveston Weir) -- Amdean
2014 Jun 09 01:21:37 PM
Enjoyed a paddle to the weir at the weekend, forty 'minutes ?? Now against that flow !!

Treat the birdlife with respect; don't go near nests, stay away from overgrown banks and give them a wide berth. Best to pass them on their rear side rather than be in their face.
Re: RIVER AVON (Alveston Weir) -- danielcb12
2014 May 22 07:46:15 AM
I think we encountered the psychopathic swan just before the weir yesterday. Before this, we also passed a very aggressive Canadian goose! as we unknowingly paddled past it's nest, he and his mate were sat up on the outside of the nearby meander (keeping lookout upstream and downstream) hidden in the grass, very sneaky. The first we saw of them was when they flew done and one landed within a meter of me and the other landed where the nest must be. The one that landed by me started flapping it's wings and trying to go for me, kept back by my paddle and splashing. It was quite scary, I haven't experienced anything like that before, I know it's breeding season. Not sure what one would do to avoid this sort of attack! If anyone is going this way, the part of the river was very close to Hatton rock, do be ready for a fight if your passing. Would be interesting to hear if anybody else has encountered these birds. The swan was a bit further ahead, nearer the weir, the minute it saw us it charged at us! But we backed off and it was ok.
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