River Rye - Hawnby to Helmsley

North of the Trent drainage, flowing to the North Sea
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River Rye - Hawnby to Helmsley

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Re: River Rye

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You list the 'get out' point as Haxby, this should read Helmsley.Haxby is in the area of York city.
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Re: River Rye

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Yes, sorry. We did write it up in a pub in York, perhaps that explains it :/

I'll message Jim.

I scouted the Tees from Cauldron Snout to Langdon Beck yesterday but there is nothing to justify the long walk in. Maize Beck from Maize Beck Force to Cauldron Snout looks interesting on the map but there was no legal access evident (no public right of way, also a nature reserve bordering MoD danger area!

Does anyone know any more about this beck (or who the landowner is)?

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Re: River Rye

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Oops, should have checked myself! Now fixed.

Re: Tees bit - I came to a similar conclusion myself! Long walk-in for mostly grade 2 and almost certain death if you miss the take-out!

Re: Maize beck - I scouted this from the source to where it crosses into MOD land a couple of summers ago (ie above Maize Beck Force). Probably mostly grade 2/3, but would need high water levels. This bit is surrounded by open access land, so no issues apart from the massive walk-in! Provided the red flag isn't flying next to the MOD land you'll be fine on the lower bit access-wise (otherwise dodgy challenger tanks will be an issue!)
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Re: River Rye

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River Rye - Hawnby to HelmsleyDid this on 26.2.14 in Open Boats. 0.2m at Broadway Foot Gauging Weir. A nice 3 and a half hour run with some technical, but not dangerous, moving water. Trees are a real hazard and would be of some concern in higher levels. No regrets in doing it at this level, but any lower would be more scrapey. A magnificent and remote river valley.Andrew Birdsall
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