waterproof headphones/case?

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waterproof headphones/case?

Post by jackmyster »

Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone has had any experiance of buying/wearing waterproof headphones? I'm looking to listen to my tunes while kayaking ( just down the river cam, i dont intend on using them in grade 4-5 water!) I know theres the whole argument about not listening to music while kayaking but on flatwater i can't see why not!

I have an HTC desire s so i need to buy a waterproof case and also decent quality headphones, without breaking the bank!
Any advice would be useful.


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Re: waterproof headphones/case?

Post by axeman »

I have a voyager dry bag for my iPhone that has a 3.5 mm jack built in . It has a padded back and a clear front that the touch screen works for . I got it for about 20£ from wwc.co.uk - ring them is better . I also found Phillips waterproof headphones (they're red ) in pc world a while ago that work goo for boating , they have clips that go around your outer ear . Althought sound quality at very loud volume isn't great but manageable enough. ( about£20 again ) been using this combo for over a year soloing at CT / local rivers and flat water, case has been perfect the whole time

Keep a small pouch of silica gel in whatever case you get . The change if temperature causes them to condensate a lot

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Re: waterproof headphones/case?

Post by joe7002 »

formerly known as h20 audio.

Phenomenal kit

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