River Tilt

Rivers 'near' Perth
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River Tilt

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Mark Rainsley
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Re: River Tilt

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2 of us paddled this is full flood conditions a few days ago, approx 1.8 on the SEPA gauge.

A totally mindblowing section at this waterlevel, but also dangerous in the extreme, a swim could easily end in drowning with very little chance of getting to the side unassisted. Swimming really isnt an option.

The good news is everything is still runnable. New rapids appear and old ones disappear but everything was runnable, albeit moving like a freight train and considerably more powerful. Well worth knowing the run before attempting it at this sort of level as it is very difficult to stop in any of the gorge sections, the eddies get pretty trashy.

Chainbridge falls gets pretty huge with two truck sized offset holes, you ride a super cool wave/ridge right to left between them.

IMPORTANT POINT: one of the bouldery "fan" style rapids forms a very sticky nearly riverwide hole about 1km past the bridge halfway down the run. This very nearly caught us out as we were relaxing a little between the two main gorge sections and narrowly avoided a serious trashing.

Currently no major tree problems in the run.

At this waterlevel easily one of the best/most exhiliating runs in the UK.
Go and get some!!

Callum Strong
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Re: River Tilt

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Paddled this over the weekend at a nice medium level (0.7 ish on sepa gauge). At this level it is a quality grade 4 paddle. Highly recommended!From 02:25 in this video
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Re: River Tilt

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Atholl Estates welcomes paddlers to the estate and the River Tilt. However, we would like to remind you that no vehicle access is allowed up Glen Tilt. Closest parking is at the Glen Tilt Car Park. This applies to all recreational users of the glen: hillwalkers, backpackers, mountain bikers and you. Local residents and workers have had difficulties using the glen in the last month due to the large number of vans and other vehicles carrying canoes. Thanks for your help.
Please take note of this and walk up Glen Tilt. Continued driving up will get paddlers a poor reputation.
Neil Farmer.
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