Rhuddnant - (Rhuddnant Gorge section)

Severn/ Rheidol catchment and north
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Rhuddnant - (Rhuddnant Gorge section)

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Re: Rhuddnant - (Rhuddnant Gorge section)

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Having paddled this river a lot more since writing this guide I think I would amend a few things.

The water level isn't best checked by the pipe under the bridge, that's more of an indicator as to how much is flowing into the bog that feeds the river. I would say that if the bog is obviously full of water then the river is going to be on, if not it could well be a scrape. If all else fails, if its raining and the Ystwyth gauge is rising fast or is on more than a 0.5 its probably going. If you have to duck to get under the wire just before the rapids start then its big.

I've met someone who says they did it without a climbing rope and said it was fine, but I can't imagine that would be a whole lot of fun getting down so: climbing rope not essential but recommended.

Also having paddled it more I would say that it is only really good when its tanking, but that's probably not the case for everyone...


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