River Tweed - Peebles to Peel

Rivers south of Glasgow
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River Tweed - Peebles to Peel

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Re: River Tweed - Peebles to Peel

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we paddled the Tweed from Peebles to Tweedmouth in GP/cross-over kayaks in the first week of Sept. It took us two half and two full days of paddling at leisurely speed, with 15, 22, 21 and 11 miles per day, doing mostly 3.5 -4.5 mph. We were at the very bottom of the green river level range, so we had to knuckle down quite a few shingle banks, especially between Peebles and Innerleithen, and had to portage Melrose and Kelso Cauld as there wasn't enough water for the save shoot.I found both the SCA canoe touring guide and this UKRG website neither really necessary for the trip planning nor very precise - both appeared to be very dated. Only 7-8 rapids/caulds are really worth mentioning and need attention (Fairnilee, Melrose, Mertoun, Rutherford, Lower Makerstoun, Kelso, Banff Mill, and potentially Coldstream Weir), all concentrated in the 34 mile stretch between Fairnilee and Coldstream; otherwise there are just numerous little ripples and wavetrains. The suggestion in the North East Sea Kayaking Guide Book about visiting the tea room at Paxton House is well worth following, no better way to wait for the tide to turn.In contrast to all the dire warnings we didn't have any issues with wild camping, there were plenty of spots and people were supportive and welcoming. The reason for this discrepancy may be that we camped in open spaces, whereas canoeists seem to prefer tree cover. All fishermen but three were extremely polite, friendly and chatty.Compared to the River Spey which I did last year, the Tweed has fewer minor rapids and is less dramatic in the upper reach, but is much more scenic throughout its entire length; well worth doing.

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Re: River Tweed - Peebles to Peel

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There is a SEPA gauge in Peebles for the Tweed: http://apps.sepa.org.uk/waterlevels/def ... t&lc=14979. The team at Where's the Water are trying calibrate it, so if your regularly paddle the river, please fill in a level report form on the Where's the water website http://canoescotland.org/where-go/wheres-water
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