Aberystwyth rescue

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Aberystwyth rescue

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Mark Rainsley

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Re: Aberystwyth rescue

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I'm glad it all ended well without too much drama.

The alert by a 'member of the public' is interesting. I wonder if the kayakers managed to phone someone on shore using a mobile? Or maybe they were late returning and a friend or partner alerted the lifeboat? For a moment I had a vision of an Aberystwyth landlady looking out through her breakfast room window with a pair of 10 x 40s..... ;)

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Re: Aberystwyth rescue

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Alerts from concerned members of the public DO happen.
It happened inappropriately to me a few months back when I was out paddling with my adult daughter, in good conditions and in easy view of main road . We were were aware we were being watched and were met by the police on our return to the jetty. They were a little embarrassed as it was clear we were in no trouble. Apparently an old lady had phoned in, worried about 2 kayaks on the water, possibly in trouble.

After taking a few details from us, the police proceeded to check out another car in the carpark which had a number of "maintenance issues".

I meantime took more time time than usual to meticulously strap the kayaks on the trailer ans stash kit, aware that one of my trailer indicator lights had been malfunctioning earlier ...

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