gath helmets

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gath helmets

Post by mark~ »

I have been looking for a full protection helmet and

looks like a reasonable option for the price. £110 ish in UK for the flashy visiored version. Allot cheaper than say a holy diver.

It is mainly used by surfers and kiteboarders etc.

It is really comfy and light and has the added advantage of preventing water jetting into your ears. However the above users don't contact with rocks in quite the same way we do am concerned that it may not be up to the job.

Having said this Corran whatshistrousers swears by it.

Any views ~anyone tried this

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Mark R
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Post by Mark R »

1] Design unsuited to forehead protection, limited protection all-round, visor looks like a particularly bad idea.

2] (and this is much more important) Gath helmets look awful. People will point and laugh, you will wind up crying alone in the toilets.
Mark Rainsley

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Post by tom_d »

just looked at the (crap) website, those helmets are breathtakingly ugly and look like offering the forehead protection of an 80s ACE helmet. The surfing one looks really daft, like a hybrid between a 80s sunvisor and a first generation plastic cycle helmet.

i've seen photos of corran wearing gath (what's the name about?!?!) helemts and he looked daft in it. anyone wearing one should be laughed off the river.

what about DH Mtb helmets for full face protection? Very tough, pretty cheap.

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Post by ol »

A friend of mine wears one on the river, but he's too much like a brick outhouse to tell him he looks like a right mong!......

They really don't have much inner protection either and sit too close to the back of your neck........

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Mark R
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Post by Mark R »

On the bright side, you'll be able to strut around saying, "I am the Law".

Mark Rainsley

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Post by canoeboy101 »

ye these helmets look great - if you want to look like a complete and utter pecker.

The websitre address should be

sweet are bringing out a new creeking helmet i see though

its called the rocker but there doesnt seem to be any info on it on the site yet


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Full Face Masks

Post by Mathew »

Full face shields are a bad idea, gath helmet and them daft hockey style helmets for starters. I keep seeing people turn up and put them on and you almost want to ask why bother! If I was doing a river and needed full face protection, I'd rather wear a motorbike helmet with no visor.

You're going to be bruised if you hit a rock face first without a face shield, but if you get bits of plastic/metal stuck in your face or eyes, you'll have more than bruises.


Guess the lid

Post by Pete. »


Post by Guest »

looks pretty sweet

Steve B
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Post by Steve B »

... spoken like a Trooper
Steve Balcombe

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