Aquanaut wanted for test drive

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Mira Marra
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Aquanaut wanted for test drive

Post by Mira Marra » Mon Nov 08, 2004 7:14 pm


I am considering buying an Aquanaut and was wondering if there is anyone out there with an Aquanaut, based in Scotland, that would be willing to let me have a test paddle? I plan to try a demo at Knoydart in Keswick but would also like to try one on the sea in suitable weather when the opportunity arose.

I will also be in North Wales this weekend if that was an option.



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Post by ChrisS » Mon Nov 08, 2004 8:01 pm

Let us know how you get on. I tested one on Derwent Water in September and thought it was great. I'd be really interested in hearing what its like in a cross-wind, waves etc.

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Post by MikeB » Mon Nov 08, 2004 9:47 pm

Have a look at ... ipment.htm ... ipment.htm where there'sa link to a discussion in which it's mentioned.

How about a short "review" for the Reviews page once you've tested it?? will get it to me.

Regs, Mike.

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Douglas Wilcox
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Post by Douglas Wilcox » Mon Nov 08, 2004 11:13 pm

Done a fair bit of paddling in company with one of these.
Its similar to the Quest and Explorer HV which I have also recently paddled. It has a very good finish equal to the Quest and better than my friend's Explorer. I found the seat is more comfortable than the latest generation padded Quest seat but not so comfortable as the old quest seat.

We were recently out in a force 5 to 6 wind against tide crossing Loch Melfort paddling at 45 degrees into wind and waves. The Quest and Aquanaut behaved very differently. The Quest tended to dip its nose and plough through the waves, the aquanaut tended to throw its bow high into the air above the wave. I was using a little skeg in the quest, Alan was using no skeg but even so found the boat was lee cocking and it was hard work to stay on the same course as me. We think the windage of the high bow was pushing it off the wind.

In contrast to these two boat's differing behaviours, the new Point 65 K1XP and K1RS seem to keep a very level fore and aft trim in these conditions, neither rising excessivly like the Aquanaut or dipping excessively like the Quest. Looking at edging, the point 65 respond best then the Quest then the Aquanaut which is less manouverable.

The Point 65 price at £1200-£1300 including fitting kit, cockpit cover, towing hardware and day's instuction is incredibly competitive with the British boats. If you like the finish of Valley and P&H boats, you will be amazed at the quality of the point 65 finish, it even has gel coat inside to make it easier to clean out the cockpit and pack your dry bags.

I am currently doing an extended test of the point 65 boats and will write it up for Feb paddles (published beginning January).

If you are looking at a boat like the Aquanaut, the Point 65 K1RS is definitely worth testing and the UK importer (based in Scotland) will let you test somewhere saltier than Derwent water!

Have fun buying a new boat!

Douglas :o)

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Post by ChrisS » Wed Nov 10, 2004 8:52 am

Seems to come with both a rudder and a skeg as standard? There is a Seakayaker review of one of their boats on Point 65 North's website.

Zoe Newsam
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Post by Zoe Newsam » Wed Nov 24, 2004 10:35 am

I paddle an Argonaut - the big brother (or sister?) of the Aquanaut and would not swap it for the world. If you want to try one out though, Gordon Brown at Skyak Adventures on Skye usually has Valley demo boats each season- why not give him a call & book a half day? I paddled the Argonaut on a 2-day course with him and bought one soon after.

A word of warning tho- horror stories abound about Knoydart's service - check everything 3 times, and if you buy a new boat from them, collect it yourself and take it out of the wrapping before you take it home!!! I arrived to collect my boat (after a 6 -hour each way trip) and discovered the'd forgotten to fit any footpegs. I then had to go home empty-handed and had a 3-week wait and a ridiculously unsympathetic response from Dave Felton at Knoydart. I wouldn't change the boat for the world but if I can help it I won't buy from Knoydart again.
Like I said, don't be deterred from buying Valley - just be careful!

Hope this helps,


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