Severn/ Rheidol catchment and north
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Can I question the advice that this run is suitable for novices, I paddled this last wednesday (25th November) and the levels were good. However there was a lot of bankside trees hanging into the water which made it diffciult to get the right line and hence caused a number of swims for intermediate paddlers who got involved in these substantial obstacles. I would have suggested that the grade is right but for experienced grade 3 paddlers only due to these boughs blocking some parts of the river. Swimmers had to then avoid the many trees to get out of the water. If the local adviser contacts Ben Lawes or Chris Evans at PYB for their views as they led us down this run.

As the guide says there was a river wide tree below the tunnel (a few km) and there is a further river wide trunk about 500m below this which is at head height at the level we ran it at.

An enjoyable run nevertheless but not so sure starting at Nantle adds much other a meander through the "everglades" and a fairly long canalised section of 2 or 3 km which is boring. Perhaps starting on the village after the end of the canalised section.
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The farmer at the put in seems friendly but did warn about barb wire & the farmer further downstream likely to call the police so we put on at the start of the white water (a factory has been demolished beside the river & the locals didn't mind us parking & launching there).

There are a couple of big trees right across the river just around the blind corner below Pont y Cim (the narrow ancient arched bridge upstream of the take out with a fast shoot of water into a stopper), fortunately there is a decent eddy below the bridge but you can't see the trees until committed to the corner & only small eddies between the rocks - take care.

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