North of the Severn drainage, west of the Pennines
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Steven Spencer, 23/02/08 wrote:We went to look at this river today, the guy in the hut at the waterfall walk car park wouldn't allow access because "their insurance doesn't cover kayaking as it is too dangerous", I don't know however if there is a bcu agreement in place.
Done any NE/NW rivers not on the site? PM me!
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Drive up the fell road which leaves Ingelton between the Twiss and the Doe.
Park where the waterfall walk crosses the road and head south down hill for the Doe and north accross the moor for the Twiss. No huts or wardens this way.
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I paddled the Twiss today and I was informed by a polite gentlemen that paddling the river wasn’t permitted.
This man is the land owner for the ingleton waterfalls walk pathway and said he is aware that the river is run fairly regularily he said we were free to carry on and paddle and to use the footpath and provide a spectacle for the walkers. The intresting bit is that a company "High Active?" will be organising events with safety cover to run the river and the Health and safety representative for the company has paddled the river. The Owner was polite and intrested in what we were doing which makes a change. Although the staff at the waterfalls car park will inform you that paddling the river isn't permitted.

We paddled from Holybrush spout down to the the fall just after pecca falls twin possibly about 15-20ft. After this there is the lower pecca falls which falls into a deep gorge with trees and what looks like a big boulder choke looked to be a definate portage! The twiss does require a bit of water to be worthwhile.
Cheers Mike
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chris jackson + mike hatton
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