RIVER MINT (Patton Bridge to the Kent Confluence)

North of the Severn drainage, west of the Pennines
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RIVER MINT (Patton Bridge to the Kent Confluence)

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Rob Young, West Yorkshire Scouts, 17/12/06 wrote:We tried to paddle from patton bridge on sunday 17th dec, as we were unloading our cars we were approached by the farmer who told us he owned the land which we would be crossing/paddling over and did not have his permission to continue,after a quiet discussion with him we decided,(as he was getting a bit stressed)to drive further upstream and paddle the full river so as to not leave cars on view and maybe get vandalised.
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Re: RIVER MINT (Patton Bridge to the Kent Confluence)

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Tree down 200m after get on, across whole river at chest height, portaged river left.

Rachel T
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Re: RIVER MINT (Patton Bridge to the Kent Confluence)

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There is a tree down somewhere between Patton Bridge and Garlic Weir, portaged at a high level (on left hand bank). Might just be possible to run far left through branches, but not by us. None others down on this section at the moment but plenty of annoying twiggy bits to brush through.
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Re: RIVER MINT (Patton Bridge to the Kent Confluence)

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Paddled 5/1/14 and the bar in the slot of the first 5ft weir has been cut out, still worth having a good look though as this will attract debris. Also worth noting that 0.56 on the gauge will show as low not scrape on rainchasers but its probably a bit low and the first 3rd of the river is painfully low at this level.

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gareth smith
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Re: RIVER MINT (Patton Bridge to the Kent Confluence)

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Paddled on 10th January 2016 A number of trees down which forced portage. On the rapid below the pipe bridge (rapid down to house on river right) At the end of the rapid there is two stoppers. The one river left is fine. The one on river right has a coil of barbed wire in it. I am guessing this is remains of a barbed wire fence. If someone was to take the line through this stopper it would be very serious. The barbed wire was not visible from above.
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Re: RIVER MINT (Patton Bridge to the Kent Confluence)


Hi folks, WCG ran this at a very low level on 8-4-18.
Level about 0.45 very scrapey in the first third of the run.
Shortly after the first third, a small beck comes in from river left
at this point there is a major tree completely blocking the river
Even at low level it was a definite but easy portage.After this there was
bit more water apart from the slabs after Meal Bank, and the final
GR 4 rapid. Both of these were technical but very entertaining at the
level.We continued into Kendal where we were aproached by an
angler on a pushbike, who informed us that we should not be
Kayaking during the fishing season.We informed him that we had not
see a single fisherman or a single fish all day.He lost interest and went
on his way. Suprisingly enjoyable even with a swim. Happy paddling
Steve H.
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