RIVER IRTHING (Crammel Linn Waterfall to Gilsland)

North of the Severn drainage, west of the Pennines
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RIVER IRTHING (Crammel Linn Waterfall to Gilsland)

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Ando, Newton Rigg, 23/03/07 wrote:Hi, i saw on the guide that only a very brief clip was available of Crammel Linn. Quality drop. Here's a longer one showing three paddlers from Penrith paddling it. Paddlers in order- Pete Lambert, Hugo Martin, Ando. On the day the we had just paddled the upper, which is a massive slog into the wind, and then carried on to the middle Irthing which is nice. Pretty tired by the end!

Sorry Mark, I'm not entirely sure how to send the video... here's the youtube link I was given: http://www.youtube.com/v/u1mzUX-Zy8E
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Re: RIVER IRTHING (Crammel Linn Waterfall to Gilsland)

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Noticed their is only a "low" calibration for the gauge. Anyone know what it needs to read for Crammel Linn to be on? (Like the level in the vid above)
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