Plastic surf kayaks

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Plastic surf kayaks

Post by steveparry »

I am very close to buying a Mega X Ray but I am concerned about the quality of the outfitting, especially the back band. Any experiences of retro fittiing a ratcheting one to Mega boats?

Are there any other surf kayaks (proper ones, not just playboats with tiny floppy fins) that I should consider for similar money (ie: approx £700). The Riot Boogie looks OK but I have never got on with their outfitting.



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Placcy boats

Post by Stronze »

Did a modification to a riot glide, whic does not have "little floppy fins", if you are short of cash,

(9th November 03)

If not I'd recommend the second hand out and out surfboat technique, suits me well, and I'm off to test it in Indonesia in a couple of weeks, wooo hooo!


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Riot Boogie

Post by philm »

I paddled a Boogie last year in Mexico and California (hehe). A pretty good attempt at a surf boat. I even had a few kind words from the notoriously localist San Diego boardies when they saw fins and a "proper" surf design.

Riot made a nice light design, i.e. there is very little plastic in the hull. A stiff boat this ain't... you can feel the hull rippling as you paddle.

I'm short and light, and needed to put the seat back to keep the boat carving properly. If you're a fat boy then I suspect this is not the boat for you.

If you have 700 quid to throw around, I'd follow Neil's lead and get a second-hand carbon boat. You should be able to pick up a 2nd-hand Boogie for a lot less.

PS Hey voi, Davey, il vostro nome è grossolanamente offensivo, vaffunculo, no?

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Post by meatballs »

Good luck on finding a new boogie, we sold the last one Peak had the other week I believe, so you'll need to find somewhere that has one left in stock or look for it second hand.

I think wavesport are making a surf kayak now called the flyer, might be worth checking out.

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Post by steveparry »

...sounds like not the Boogie (I'm glad). the guy at Mega reckons the XRay performs very similarly to the Revenge upon which it is based!! Just got to figure out how to fit a decent backband to the thing...

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Post by Gus »


if you have 700 quid spare i've got a really nice mega predator for sale. It goes like shit off a shovel, has masses of room and has a good volume for punching out of the shore break, and its going for only £500. It orange and shiny and still in very good nic and is soo much sexier than a plastic surf boat.

Let me know if your interested.


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