River Wharfe - Beckermonds to Hubberholme

North of the Trent drainage, flowing to the North Sea
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Mark R
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River Wharfe - Beckermonds to Hubberholme

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Re: RIVER WHARFE (Beckermonds to Hubberholme)

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Paddled this section yesterday, very nice.
For the get in, as we pulled off the road down to Beckermonds a local drove by the opposite way and shook her head as we went past. No words or confrontations, but we would've felt uncomfortable changing and launching amongst the farmhouses. if you continue through Beckermonds there's open land where you can park, change and launch on to Green Field Beck quite easily without causing disturbance.

The only fence we encountered was on Green Field Beck, but was easily avoided. The rest of the river was fine, a few overhanging trees in the lower half of the river, but nothing major at the level it was at and easily avoidable.

Another thing worth mentioning, the road and footpath run alongside this section pretty much the whole way, so if one does end up having an epic it's easy to get off, or start lower down the river for an easier run. Scouting and portaging is also easy.

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Re: RIVER WHARFE (Beckermonds to Hubberholme)

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There's a video of this run (and Greenfield Beck) here:

The Upper Wharfe feels fairly similar at lower levels, but is supposed to get quite a bit more full-on at significantly higher levels.


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Jonny Briggs
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Re: RIVER WHARFE (Beckermonds to Hubberholme)

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There is a brilliant parking/ changing spot just after the Beckermonds turning on the right. As you climb the hill on the Hawes road. There is no point driving down and parking next to the river, it will just cause agro. Its a two minute boat carry.

I suggest this parking is used for Oughtershaw Beck aswell, once again, avoids agro.

Just another suggestion, dont bother doing Green Fields Beck, once again, its technically a private road and could cause agro, the upper Wharfe section is brilliant and the access is really good if you park where I suggested and get on at the confluence.


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