River Dart - Staverton to Totnes

The Somerset Frome and Dorset Stour and westwards
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River Dart - Staverton to Totnes

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Staverton Access

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Re: RIVER DART (Staverton to Totnes)

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Can anyone provide a general update on this section of the Dart, we're hoping to do it in a couple of weeks...put in take out etc.?

thanks kindly

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Re: RIVER DART (Staverton to Totnes)

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Yes just put in upstream at Staverton Bridge river left, amble along about 400yds, miss the 1st right hand turn and take the 2nd about 100yds past, after that there are a few rapids but not a lot of excitement to be honest, it soon peters out to grade 1 for last 2 miles. Best take out is just above Totnes Weir on river right. You can park a vehicle in a road called Swallowfields and walk down to river. Easy section gentle paddling. Hope you enjoy it.

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Re: River Dart - Staverton to Totnes

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We at the Environment Agency are dealing with a serious outbreak of disease among migratory fish on many rivers in Devon including the River Dart. The Dart fishery has been in decline in recent years and this year a significant disease outbreak is estimated to have killed the majority of Salmon and Sea Trout that have entered the river so far.

We are asking for the assistance of all water users, including fishermen, dog walkers etc. to help the river recover. For canoeists this would include careful entry into and egress from rivers, paddling in good flows only and avoiding contact with river beds wherever possible. We also encourage canoeists to only paddle where there are agreed access arrangements in place.

We are currently trying to establish the extent and cause of the disease affecting rivers across Devon and Cornwall. Until we understand more and are able to implement any suitable measures, our only option to limit the impact of this disease is to protect the surviving salmon and sea trout and their spawn sites. Fish will potentially start to spwan from late September and eggs remain in gravels until around April, so this is a particularly sensitive period.

Thanks for your understanding and co-opertaion on this matter.

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Re: River Dart - Staverton to Totnes

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PLEASE BE AWARE you cannot park on Swallowfields road in Totnes. Best thing to do is to park at the school car park just opposite the school entrance on the A385

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