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Post by sub5rider » Mon Apr 07, 2003 4:16 pm

No, not Swellies, wellies.

Who paddles in 'em ?

I propose to use my wetsuit boots, or Jesus Nikes if it's warm, but I was surprised at the amount of water that wetsuit boots manage to bring into the boat.

Will my feet survive me wearing wetsuit boots for a week ?

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adrian j pullin
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Re: Wellies

Post by adrian j pullin » Mon Apr 07, 2003 5:02 pm

Wetsuit boots on the water (in the boat to be exact!) and sandals off if warm enough.

Wellies are too big and bulky to get in the boat, plus the prospect of them filling with water in event of a wet exit.

Mike B
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Post by Mike B » Mon Apr 07, 2003 5:11 pm

Wellies are fine, especially if you use something like Hunters, which fit properly. But cut the buckles off, otherwise they catch the cockpit rim and stratch it.

THere are numerous other "sailing type" wellies which work well too. Hunters have the advantage of having a small, inset heel which allows those of us with biggish feet to get into the boat!!

That said, I can just use Hunters in a Quest - certainly not in the Nordkapp.

Standard "gardening wellies" ARE too big and bulky.

As to "filling with water" - yes, that is a potential problem - how troublesome that is will depend largely on the fit. THe answer is not to have a wet exit, or use a full drysuit to prevent water getting into the body of the suit and pooling in the legs. This is also a downside of salopettes with attached latex boots/feet.

The joys of dry feet far outweigh the potential downsides.

Booties or sandles (Tevas perhaps) work well but I do so hate having wet feet for a full day, let alone a weekend or a week or more. Yuck.


Jonathan Theobald
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Re: Wellies

Post by Jonathan Theobald » Mon Apr 07, 2003 5:27 pm

I wear wellies bought from a yachting shop.

They're far more comfortable than the wetsuit booties I used to wear. They lack conventional tread but on slippery rocks they make me much more sure-footed.

Admittedly, swimming with wellies could be tricky. But in buoyancy aid, cag, salopettes and fleeces I can't see my crawl being quick anyway.

Knoydart do calf-length wellies and very smart they are, with any colour you want providing they're green.

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Re: Wellies, linking in dry trousers....

Post by Jim » Mon Apr 07, 2003 6:50 pm

My dry trousers (which I guess are salopettes) have nice built in feet to keep my feet dry, which means I can use a comfortable pair of neoprene slippers/boots over the top, provided the latex feet don't get wrinkled as you pull the slippers on.....

Regarding salopettes, or dungaree style dry trousers, does anyone else find the shoulder straps too annoying to use for long distance? I also have to admit that I don't fit in my boat very well with my dry trousers on, I seem to grow an inch all round :-)


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Mark R
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Re: Wellies, linking in dry trousers....

Post by Mark R » Mon Apr 07, 2003 8:46 pm

Wellies, dear oh dear. Trinny and Susannah will not be happy.

I usually go barefoot with sandals to hand.

-----------Mark Rainsley

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Re: Wellies, linking in dry trousers....

Post by NickB » Tue Apr 08, 2003 7:35 am

Bare foot and sandals, my solution as well, but for that extra bit of luxury a bit of Karrimat placed inside the hull, just under my feet, not glued but loose to allow a good shake for removal of sand and grit :lol

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