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Mark R
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Post by Mark R » Tue Mar 25, 2003 12:33 am

Anybody have experience of this natty lookng toy? Specifically, I'm interested to know how it bears the weight of a loaded boat.

-----------Mark Rainsley

Craig Addison
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Re: Trolleys

Post by Craig Addison » Tue Mar 25, 2003 8:18 am

Can't say I've tried it, or even seen it before, but for 50 quid I thik you should buy it Mark and let us all know how well it works. :D


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Re: Trolleys

Post by MatSav » Tue Mar 25, 2003 10:56 am

You'd have thought the vendor could provide a better photograph than white wheels on a white background! I've got a few photographs of snowmen on a snow-covered lawn where you can't even see the outline :(

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Post by morsey » Tue Mar 25, 2003 11:07 am

I think it needs bigger wheels, esp for use on sand and rocks, also the axle connection looks like it could be a weak spot. Maybe they do a 4X4 version with big gnarly off road tyres ;)
Mark I thought you just bought yourself a carrying harness anyway!

Simon :)

Mike B
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Post by Mike B » Tue Mar 25, 2003 11:50 am

Yep, at £50 you should give it a try!

I'd have doubts about solid wheels myself and the yoke seems kind of small as well so I wonder how well the load would be spread.

Just repeating a bit of the last post on this subject, these are gaining popularity amongst Scottish paddlers and of course the KCS trolley takes a lot of beating, imho anyway.

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Re: Trolleys

Post by Jim » Tue Mar 25, 2003 12:22 pm

I was going to draw up some plans and a part list for the one I made using rigid castors and stuff from screwfix. I think my total cost was around £30, it used a normal canoe strap, and looks more substantial. I guess the castors I used are about the same size as those wheels. I've only used it once and that wasn't on my sea boat, but it does fit through my hatch (I think I have to take one castor off - wing nuts and spring washers). Of course I was left with a large quantity of nuts, bolts and washers at the end of it, it would cost less to make a second one!

Well, I might get round to doing the drawing one day!


Jonathan Theobald
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Details, details

Post by Jonathan Theobald » Tue Mar 25, 2003 1:46 pm

Mark - if Knoydart's web catalogue answered questions such as yours about their trolley then their catalogue would be a valuable tool.

I find that all too often it raises more questions than it answers, and that's a pity.


Mike B
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Details -------------------------------------------------

Post by Mike B » Tue Mar 25, 2003 7:05 pm

I wonder whether it is realistic to expect a web-site (or even a catalogue) to be able to provide the in-depth level of detail being suggested here!

Perhaps a phone call to the ever helpful Mr Felton would resolve the dilema?

Web-sites and catalogues are, after all, primarily marketing tools. Further detailed info on specific products can be obtained from the manufacturers, but even that is hardly going to be objective is it?

In any case, everything is a compromise in some respect and what works or suits one individual may well not work for another. I suspect we may well be some way from "Which" type consumer reports on paddling gear and even the various sites which try and provide "product reviews" are inevitably flawed as the contributors pre-select themselves either on the basis of satisfaction or dis-satisfaction.

Personally, I tend to like recomendations (as indeed Jonathon knows) but even with that I still try and make my own informed judgement based on what I consider to be the factors relevant to me.

As an example - I briefly considered the cag that so many folk are raving about - didn't like the long zip and the thought of an acre of hood flaping around on the back of the jacket totally negated any of the other practical considerations. Bought a Kogg one instead. I would however have preferred a Knoydart one, but I dont like their cuff system. Great idea - but not if you have big hands!


Jonathan Theobald
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Post by Jonathan Theobald » Wed Mar 26, 2003 11:32 am

The first of the trolleys Mike recommends sounds tempting and I emailed for more info.

Pity it's so expensive but here's their reply -

1) It is unlikely that the trolley would fit into the oval hatch .Although the 10" pneumatic wheels are easily removed from the body of the trolley and can easily be stored separately, the main body of the trolley is likely to be too large to fit into the hatch The dimensions of the main body are 470mm long and 300mm wide). The Trolley was developed to fold down and be secured to the back deck .In this way it does not take up valuable storage space within the kayak. At the moment we have a special offer of a free stow bag ( usually £19.00) to hold the trolley and straps neatly and securely on the boat.

2) The cost of the trolley including VAT is £120.00 + free stow bag . We can take cheques or Visa etc.

3) Delivery cost is £7.00, delivery within two to three days.

4)Unfortunately, we don't know of anyone in your area who has a Kari-Tek Trolley. The trolley has been developed over a period of three years,during this time, various people have tried and tested it whilst paddling all over Scotland. We recently introduced the trolley to the market place at the NEC in Birmingham during the Great Outdoors show.

5) We want you to be completely happy with our product and we would want to make sure the trolley was suitable for your purpose before we sold one to you. The Kari-Tek trolley is well designed and manufactured to a high standard, it comes with a years guarantee.

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