Jet Kayak...again

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Jet Kayak...again

Post by John-Row »

Hello, I've just watched a repeat of Top Gear on Dave tonight and it was the Jet Kayak episode with the tomcat and Sean Baker.

I understand that his kayak was modified to have a jet engine in it, but was wondering what liquid logic boat it was?

Was it a proto gen CR250?
Was it a Skip?
or something totally different that I missed?

Sorry to drag this up but i'm having a mental block!!


James Frize
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Post by James Frize »

If I remember correctly it was one of the CR series.
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Gareth dj
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Post by cookie »

I take it that its not the new Airbus engine then.
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Rick Foster
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Post by Rick Foster »

Yep LL Airhead.

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Post by mpooleman »

Anyone know why they chose a playboat? Surely a bigger boat would have meant more room for the engine?
Mark Pooleman

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Post by matt-dav »

We were talking with the designer at the Canoexpo.

I think he said it had to be a play boat so that it could get onto the plain better, and a bigger boat would be hard to control or something.

He was keen to try it out on a bigger boat though.

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Post by slipperystav »

Also, isn't Sean under sponsorships from LL, IR and System X? So I think he would be limited in boat choice only his sponsors products.
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Post by John-Row »

In a moment of sheer boredom i googled the jet kayak and came up with its own website.
On here is a photo gallery and i'm partly sure i can see the logo of a CR250.

Please correct me if i am wrong!!

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Tom Drake
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Post by Tom Drake »

It is definitely an Airhead.
we were talking to Shaun at canoexpo and he said it himself. also if you look closely on the jetkayak website there is a photo with the logo of the airhead on. the CR has a flatter back deck.

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Post by Robson »

It is an airhead I was checking it out at canoexpo.
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Post by John-Row »

I stand corrected.

little tim
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Post by little tim »

It was nice to be able to take a look inside the boat - amazing how little room he has in there, and the fact he sits on the engine! Mental machine.

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Re: Jet Kayak...again

Post by jmmoxon »

Showing again in Top Gear - Winter Blunderland at 28 mins: ... 0858692001 Links to websites with info on white water, touring, sea & surf.

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