"These boots are made for ......"^

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"These boots are made for ......"^

Post by RichJ » Mon Mar 19, 2007 5:39 pm

Ok, so I know its not the sexiest question on the forum but I'm looking for more comfortable and safer footware. Tried neoprene boots and I seem to slip and slide all over the place on launch / landing (best with sandles over the top). Also, on longer trips my feet seem to bend over the foot pegs and become uncomfortable. Guess I'm chasing a comfortable boot with a sole which supplies reasonable grip and some warmth. Any thoughts??


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Post by Kayak-Girl83 » Mon Mar 19, 2007 6:05 pm

Personally, I use 5.10 Canyoneers with either Chillcheater socks, or my drysuit socks. Boots for grip/comfort, socks for insulation.

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Mark R
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Post by Mark R » Mon Mar 19, 2007 6:17 pm

I slum it with a pair of these.
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Cumfy Bits

Post by waltfos » Mon Mar 19, 2007 6:29 pm

Tried Lomo they do good ones at a good price too.

I have a pair, found you need a size bigger if not size and a bit than shoe size if wearing a dry suit with sock and internal sock.

I also have a pair of nike neoprene shoes for the more warmer times ie summer. Dont know why realy as the sea temp only differs about 3 degees [dont break into song] from summer to winter here where I live.

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Post by NeilG » Mon Mar 19, 2007 6:38 pm

I use a pair of Aigle neoprene dinghy boots in the winter months. If I am swift enough getting in, they do not leak any water.
Summer months, just a pair of neoprene beach shoes with rubber soles - cheap and cheerful.

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Post by Wenley » Mon Mar 19, 2007 8:56 pm

I use the Chota Mukluk Light. Very comfortable and toasty warm. I am yet to try the Mukluk Quicklace. They seem to be even better.

Douglas Wilcox posted a review on several items of footwear. Excellent as usual:

http://seakayakphoto.blogspot.com/2007/ ... -test.html
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Post by geyrfugl » Tue Mar 20, 2007 9:02 am

I use a pair of boghopper wellies. I avoid the footpeg problem by
having my bulkhead in the right place and not using footrests at
all. A foam padded bulkhead is even more comfortable and gives you
a bit of scope to lend the boat to a taller person.

One of my boats is a bit small for wellies - so I took a lot of the heel
off on a bandsaw. Makes them slightly less safe for going down steep
hills, but they are now a solid tight fit in the boat - great for bracing,
not so good for moving your feet around on long crossings.

I do like dry feet, so maybe I need longer wellies than these (most of
my mates use tall wellies in sea boats) but I find the shorter one are
a good compromise. I occasionally use water-survivable sandals in
summer, but these don't go in my smaller boat very well and wouldn't
take the same style of radical adjustment...

I have some Chillcheater wading socks which come further up than
the wellies in the hope of keeping my thick warm wooly socks dry in
surf launches. They don't. They're crap. They are probably worse than
just using Sainsbury's bags ...


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Post by MikeB » Tue Mar 20, 2007 9:55 am

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Martin S
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Post by Martin S » Mon Apr 02, 2007 10:32 am

I have just posted a thread in the Private Sales forums for two pairs of Swellies from the Mountain Equipment Coop in Canada - These are the same as the Mukluk Lights that Knoydart sell but with black instead of white soles. Even with postage they only cost £30 where as in this country they are £65 plus postage!.......... it makes you think!

http://www.ukriversguidebook.co.uk/foru ... hp?t=23685


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Mike Marshall
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Canadian Mukluks

Post by Mike Marshall » Mon Apr 02, 2007 8:10 pm

Are the soles substantial enough on those boots to carry a kayak and walk safely? i.e. not soft soled?
They look an absolute bargain.


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Martin S
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Post by Martin S » Mon Apr 02, 2007 9:59 pm

Mike - to keep this thread on track I have replied in the Sales forum

http://www.ukriversguidebook.co.uk/foru ... 562#186562

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