Weather Conditions for newbie .

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Weather Conditions for newbie .

Post by djcompere »

Hi All

I hope you are all well? I've had a search to see if I could find my answer on other threads but have not found anything as of yet.

I've just joined the forum as it seemed the most informative around with some very helpful replies on other threads I viewed. I'm fairly new to owning a Kayak (RTM Ocean sit on top Tandem) and wanted to ask about what I need to look for weather condition/wind wise when it comes to making the decision to head out on the water? Is there some optimal conditions/numbers/wind speeds that would be ideal for beginners?

I seem to have downloaded lots and lots of weather apps and have confused myself with what's what! So just looking to gauge some ''experience'' related knowledge of what you would say some safe wind conditions/weather I need to have in mind when making plans to head out for a paddle.

I have done some kayaking via things like ''Corporate team building'' and activity weeks back in the school days. And am a fairly active person. But as I plan on taking the family out, I want to start on with some good knowledge of what I need to be looking at weather wise on apps/met office before heading off (Although I know things can change)

Safety wise, I've geared myself up with correct Buoyancy Aids for the family and myself (Me, the mrs and a 2 year old) and plan on heading out with the my partner on a basic training session locally. I'm based in Plymouth so am lucky to be blessed with lots of places to head out. But want to ensure my family are of course safe first.

Any advice or help would be very very much appreciated.

Thank you


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Re: Weather Conditions for newbie .

Post by Terryg »

Would recommend joining your local canoe club, , who can give you some basic training and advise on local conditions.

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Re: Weather Conditions for newbie .

Post by Chris Bolton »

It's difficult to set specifics. The wind direction is crucial; if it's blowing you back to where you started, or somewhere else safe, that's good. If it's blowing out to sea, or along the coast to areas that you don't know you can land safely at, don't go out. It's not just where you might end up, it's that the backs of the waves look smooth and harmless, so the sea looks much calmer.

It's also quite difficult to know what the wind strength is where you are, without experience. Somebody might say "don't go out in more than Force 3" - but the forecast may say F3, and not mention gusts of F5, or you may be in a sheltered location (wind strength over the sea is usually at least one force higher than over the land).

So as above, join a club or get some coaching if you can; otherwise, take a cautious approach and think "what might go wrong, and what do I do then?"

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