River Wharfe & Swale - blocked access to the River!

North of the Trent drainage, flowing to the North Sea
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River Wharfe & Swale - blocked access to the River!

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Attention all river users - while we have all been on lockdown - seems some people/landowners may have been taking advantage of the quiet times to close off regular and well used river access. I know two places. Great Langton - River Swale - barb wire has been put across the usual access from the road side car park.

River Wharfe at A59 roundabout/Bolton Bridge - as you head towards Addingham on Bolton Road from the roundabout, the roadside car park has been filled with rubble.

I would urge anybody and everyone to report these two issues, to North Yorkshire County Council. They have an online system for reporting - you can find it here: https://www.northyorks.gov.uk/report-online

Also, check your local access points and make sure they are still open - if you find nay issues report them to: Richard Atkinson email: richard.atkinson@britishcanoeing.org.uk

Better still launch a PROW application.

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