New outfitting in an existing boat

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New outfitting in an existing boat

Post by sonofflubber »

Hi all,

I have a Pyranha Z.One with club outfitting. The plastic seat is pretty uncomfortable after more than an hour and I get dead legs and nerve pain after paddling it. I like the boat but it needs better outfitting. Does anyone know if it's possible to get hold of and fit better kit to Pyranha kayaks?


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Re: New outfitting in an existing boat

Post by Joseph:) »

The short answer is no,not really. If you found a with better outfitting you could remove it and fit it in your boat but this wouldn't make sense to do unless you find a where the shell is wrecked but the outfitting is still okay. Aftermarket outfitting isn't really a thing except for backbands and seat pads

Instead I would suggest getting some foam and improving the outfitting yourself. In the past I have used old camping roll-mats (the foamy kind) and a load of Evo-stik glue to pad out a boat to improve the fit, you can also buy rolls of sticky-back foam that would do a similar job. With this you can cut out a seat pad to make the seat more comfy but also pad the areas where your knees fit under the cockpit and anywhere else you want.

Getting dead legs, especially in a relatively long boat, might not be a padding issue, but rather how the outfitting you have is set up. It's hard to help without seeing you in the boat but it's worth experimenting with moving the footrests or seat and anything else you can adjust to see what makes it more comfy.

I would also recommend joining a club if you aren't already part of one and asking for help outfitting your boat.

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Re: New outfitting in an existing boat

Post by Jim »

You can buy almost every component of Pyranha boats as spare parts through many kayak shops or direct from Pyranha, so in theory if the boat is normally available with other outfitting, you could buy all the parts separately and upgrade it. BUT, there is a cost to shipping and storing spare parts, it will cost more to upgrade the outfitting this way than the difference in price between outfit levels originally.

Another possibility is to search ads for wrecked boats with the same outfitting that are being sold for spare parts, or go to the specialist C1 forums (i.e. c-boating uk facebook group) and see if anyone is selling the kayak outfitting from a boat they have converted to C1 (most keep it because it is easier to sell on as a kayak after converting back, but some make permanent mods and sell their outfitting).

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Re: New outfitting in an existing boat

Post by Jakob »

Sometimes you can swap outfitting between direfferent boats. Some good advice here:

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