EXO XP3 Polo fault

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Conor Buckboy
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EXO XP3 Polo fault

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Hi Guys and Girls,

At our club we have EXO XP3 plastic polo boats, very nice boats however they have all developed a fault.

Where the moulded seat meets the cockpit rim they are all starting to spilt. It’s on a fine angle so seems to be a design flaw.

Has anyone had any experience with this particular boat and how to fix said problem.

A standard plastic weld won’t fix it permanently as it will flex and this break again.

Any ideas?

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Re: EXO XP3 Polo fault

Post by Jim »

Don't think I've seen one of these in the flesh - how well integrated is the seat, would it be feasible to just cut them out and bolt seats for PE revenge in instead? The cockpit is probably a litter thicker where the seats bolt into the revenge, you might want to weld a doubler on the underside or something to try and avoid the bolts ripping the plastic.

Another thought - get a sheet of PE, cut and pre-bend (heat bend, a strip heater should do it) strips to the angle the seat meets the cockpit, and then weld the strips in overlapping the deck/seat so that the welds are away from the high stress area. It may be worth talking to plastics fabricators who might be able to do this for you, they may be able to recommend an annealed PE sheet or something so it will take more cycles to break in the future?

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