NERDS! Rapids whose line changes drastically with levels

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NERDS! Rapids whose line changes drastically with levels

Post by banzer »

Ahoy there river nerds. It could still be 2007 here on ukrgb.

What rapids do you know where the line changes significantly depending on level. I'm looking for- low- go right, medium - go left, high - go right again!

Triple 3 on the Etive is hard right at most levels, but hard left at flood levels.

Eas A' Chataidh (whatever it's called) on the Orchy, you can go right at low flows, then it's left at most flows, but when high central opens up.

Any others?
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Re: NERDS! Rapids whose line changes drastically with levels

Post by Jim »

When the central line on Eas a Chataidh is running properly, you probably need to take Sore Tooth hard left, the rest always appears to be a river wide keeper. Of course at that level anything goes on Easan Dubh because it is just a wave train...

Can think of a few rapids where alternative routes open up at different levels, but not necessary closing off other lines. Grandtully main fall left chicken chute starts to be runnable* in high water, but the main line is still on.
* come to think of it, you could probably bounce a plastic boat down it lower, but it becomes viable as a slalom route high
Also at an even higher level there is a more right (or central if you consider the ledges to be part of the river) line called rollercoaster or something, when that's on it is a straighter (faster) route for WWR but if you go for it too soon you will smash the tail, again the other routes are still on.

Many people mistakenly think there is a line on Headbanger in Spean Gorge at low levels, but as far as I'm concerned it is a portage until medium flows :) At high flows there is no rapid there at all, In fact pretty much the only rapid is Constriction which isn't a constriction at all, just a big but easily avoided hole.

Backdoorman on the Coe, the back passage is only runnable in really high water, I think I ran it that way once, I've never done the main drop on the right, looks manky as hell.

Etive - right angle falls, is better taken straight on in medium and high water. Crack of dawn - is it still runnable off the ledge on the left in medium water? (it has been a while...) it has never really gone right except in flood.

I'm sure I've missed some...
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Re: NERDS! Rapids whose line changes drastically with levels

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First gorge same same most levels, but you can push way way more left on the top hole when it is high. Run out of fairy changes with levels, that slalom moves and 'toilet bowl' section changes, higher you can boof a rock. Speeder biker at higher flows you can go centre.

All this is relative, really high flows, you can run 'monkey' far far right near the bank, and pipeline far far left down the gutter.

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Re: NERDS! Rapids whose line changes drastically with levels

Post by Poke » wrote:
Tue Feb 11, 2020 4:11 pm
That's true. The line at "End of the world" at normal levels is boof over the centre hole. At high levels there's a nice green chute down the right which is just rocks at lower levels.
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