First aid kit contents

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First aid kit contents

Post by Demondave »

Well a two pronged question really.

How many of you regularly carry a first aid kit within your boat?

Secondly, what do you have in it?

I have a nice waterproofed kit with the standard stuff but looking to make it more fit for purpose. Any recommendations?

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Re: First aid kit contents

Post by andynormancx »

I carry one in my BA now, very slimmed down. It has:

One Israeli style trauma dressing
A couple of individual dressings
A roll of electrical tape (thinking of replacing with self amalgamating tape)
Pair of surgical gloves
A face shield

(all in a very small dry bag that just fits in my BA pocket)

I also have a much larger first aid kit in the boat, but to be honest I can really remember what it is in. I need to go through it and review it and make sure it actually has what I think I might realistically need and nothing else (it is far to large and confusing at the moment).

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Re: First aid kit contents

Post by Chalky723 »

I'm pretty much the same as above.

All in a bag in the boat -
Trauma Dressing
Individual Dressings
Electrical Tape
Safety Pins
Codeine/ibuprofen/paracetamol (for me if I pull something)
A reflective, vacuum packed sleeping bag thingy

In the back pocket of my BA I have a reflective foil sheet & an orange survival bivvy bag.

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Re: First aid kit contents

Post by Jim »

Rarely. Main things for me these days are superglue and gaffer tape, if I can't mend myself with them, I probably can't mend me.

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Re: First aid kit contents

Post by twopigs »

My first coach told me to sort my own First Aid kit and carry it with me ..... so he could use it on me and not have to worry about replenishing his!
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Re: First aid kit contents

Post by Adrian Cooper »

Agreed, on an expedition it was important that everyone carried their own first aid supplies which might have included blister treatment, bug cream, pills and repellent, etc. No point in reducing the leader's supplies.

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Re: First aid kit contents

Post by Demondave »

Fully agree with that way of thinking. Everyone should be self sufficient within a group.
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Re: First aid kit contents

Post by uwcamerakev »

I have always carried a large first aid kit, but I really like the idea of carrying your own, not because it saves somebody else's kit, but it protects you from those mouldy bandages & rusty scissors !! : /

But seriously, If you have any particular medical condition or allergy it makes sense to have everything you personally might need in your own first aid bag.

We have designed a laminated folded medical card (approx 2.5" Sq) that all our club members carry on person, this lists I.C.E. information & personal medical info, including doctor & next of kin contacts, with the option of adding the boat description & number they are paddling (useful for S&R if the boat is lost).

Having a duplicate in the 1st aid kit would make sure any serious event would give 1st aiders & emergency services important information they may not otherwise be privy to.

Thanks twopigs, a great lesson

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