next boat after pyranha rebel

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next boat after pyranha rebel

Post by zas »

Hi, my daughter is growing out of Pyrnaha Rebel, I am thinking about the next boat. She is 5'1" tall, will dagger dynamo or GTS be better?

Any advise would be welcome

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Re: next boat after pyranha rebel

Post by sinorthwales »

I would go Dagger Axiom 8.0 or Pyranha Z1 Small having done the same thing with my daughter. Both great boats. You could also try the Axiom 6.9 (I think this has more growing room and is overall a better boat than the Dynamo) but I suspect if she still has plenty of growing to do she will be out of that in quite a short space of time. Overall I personally feel both the Axiom and Z1 are better boats than the GTS.

Ian Dallaway
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Re: next boat after pyranha rebel

Post by Ian Dallaway »

I think you are now moving into the small adult range of boats, and there are quite a few that are worth considering - or demoing at the very least.
It also depends on what sort of water your daughter is looking to paddle in the future.

I wouldn't personally suggest going to the Dagger Dynamo - it is a similar size to the Pyranha Rebel, but is a far more dated design. You wouldn't gain anything here.
The Dagger GT series is definitely worth trying out. Slightly dated now but still works well.
The Pyranha Burn mk 3 - small. This is quite a small boat (certainly smaller than the mk1 or mk2). Great for developing confidence in whitewater.
The Zet Veloc - worth demoing.
Pyranha Z one small - a great boat
Dagger Axiom small - definitely worth looking at too.
There are lots of other boats out there that might fit the bill too.
happy hunting.

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Re: next boat after pyranha rebel

Post by andypagett »

In our Club we find that kids move on from Rebel (or Dynamo) to Dagger GTS - seems to fit better than some of the other 'small' boats e.g. Burn, Z-one etc

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