community forum for coaching and committees

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community forum for coaching and committees

Post by sean107 »

not sure where to post this but inspired by the "gone quiet" thread I figured here is as good a place as any

Is there a forum or facebook group that people know of for discussing issues that come up when coaching, leading, or just generally trying to run things.

I'm sure we all go through many of the same issues with club politics, risk assessments etc

Is there a good place to talk about it - and to read and archive if all the times others have been though the same thing...

Chris Bolton
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Re: community forum for coaching and committees

Post by Chris Bolton »

That kind of topic generally gets discussed on the Whitewater and Touring forum, unless it's specific to one of the other areas like Sea or competition coaching.

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Mark Gawler
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Re: community forum for coaching and committees

Post by Mark Gawler »

Thankyou for posting, this is the best place to post pending the creation of a "Clubs, Coaching and Bureaucracy" section.

There as been talk of a "General Discussion" / "Cross Discipline" forum to catch these "don’t quite fit" topics, but the issue previously was the additional moderator workload it could create from lazy posters.

Please this note this post if you want to avoid future posts being deleted. This is related to the comment in the "Gone very quite" thread, refereeing to UKRGB replies requires a bit of thought , if you want people to read your posts use good punctuation.
Mark Gawler

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