Tees Barrage Configuration

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Jerry Tracey
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Tees Barrage Configuration

Post by Jerry Tracey »

I personally regret the loss of the Valentines Wave and would like to see its return. Am I alone in this? I know that many will possibly prefer the current retentive hole, but a feature of this type is already available at the Cruncher. In my view the course is at its best when a range of features is available, without any one opinion/preference dominating. What do other users think?

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Re: Tees Barrage Configuration

Post by Yew »

It's changed in the last 5 years? I am very suprised

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Re: Tees Barrage Configuration

Post by Jim »

I won't see it for another couple of weeks so not really able to comment.
I may be able to comment later, assuming I can still remember what it was like last year...

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Re: Tees Barrage Configuration

Post by Sean_soup »

Is there a map of the course that identifies the features by name? I know the place reasonably well but never have the foggiest idea what people are talking about on here.

Thanks to your post I do at least now know what the 'Valentine's Wave' was. I've only been the once since it changed - can't say that I'm really that bothered, I liked it as it was before, still quite like it now. (Sorry to be so wishy washy.)

Speaking of wishy washy, what bothered me more last time I was there was that the bottom half of the course was completely washed out for much of of the time I was there. Hours after low tide, the level in the bottom pool was high enough to paddle up into the end of the short course and still no pumps running.

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Re: Tees Barrage Configuration

Post by LucyLou19 »

Theres a new retentive hole? I might head back then! last time i was there, all the features were super duper flushy!

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