Repair Jackson Cross Link?????????

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Repair Jackson Cross Link?????????

Post by elvina »


The area that the cleat attaches to on my sons Jackson Star kayak has developed a crack. As its cross link we cant weld it. Has anyone got any feedback please on repairing this sort of problem please?


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Re: Repair Jackson Cross Link?????????

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I would write to Jackson Kayaks directly, they should be able to advise and (I think) are pretty good at getting back to you quickly.

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Re: Repair Jackson Cross Link?????????

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Might be worth taking to an auto plastic repair specialist. I know of at least one crosslink Jackson that was successfully repaired, though in the area as you describe it may be too difficult. Worth asking though.

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Re: Repair Jackson Cross Link?????????

Post by AlexN »

Does the crack just run through the cleat or is/will it spread through the cockpit rim? If its just the cleat that is affected could you fit a new cleat or ratchet backrest and not use the cracked cleat?

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Re: Repair Jackson Cross Link?????????

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There is a guy called "Andy Ing" who is reputed as being able to fix cross-link.

I put a glass-fibre patch over a crack in a SuperFun only for the boat to hit a rock in the river and knock a bigger crack out in another part of the boat. After fixing it with epoxy putty and gaffer tape I couldn't even persuade anyone to use it as a pool boat.

In other words, the kayak is probably so brittle that you might as well cut your losses and bin it; you'll fix one crack and then another one will appear some time later.
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