Pyranha S6

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Pyranha S6

Post by AmyCB »

Hi :)

Just starting out with Kayking and I have bought myself a S6 which is in good nick however I have noticed that the original seat (plastic part) is cracked, is htere a way of getting a new one?

I have searched all over to even just get new seat pads, back and hips pads but nothing that is particular or a set either to go in them.

Any help or advice of what to get would be great.

Thanks :)

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Re: Pyranha S6

Post by SPL »

Contact your local shop and depending on the severity of the crack see if they are able to weld the seat.
Alternatively buy another s6 and salvage the seat, i very much doubt if you could buy a new seat.
A final option would be to either reinforce your seat with dense foam or entirely replace it and build your own seat.
Hope that helps.

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