Gear Wanted (Bristol)

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Gear Wanted (Bristol)

Post by Jon232 » Wed Jun 12, 2019 1:34 pm

Hi All,

Soon to be returning to paddling as my 13 year old son wants to join me. Have sourced a couple of boats, an old inazone 232 and a newer but we need lots of kit on a budget. We have a trip planned in 2 weeks so need to get everything in the next week or so. Looking for entry level 2nd hand stuff but in good condition so it will last a while.

1x Paddle, ideally 194-197 cm LH or RH (son is LH but could learn with either) and around 45 degree feather
1x Bouyancy aid small/medium
1x long John wetsuit small adult size
1x pair wetsuit shoes size 7
2x splash or dry cags, 1 small/medium and 1 medium/large
2x spray deck, large deck, medium waist

Let me know if have anything available, near Bristol or easy to post.



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