Eddylines Fathom Carbonlite 16.5ft Sea Kayak

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Eddylines Fathom Carbonlite 16.5ft Sea Kayak

Post by hedge » Sat Apr 13, 2019 8:53 am

A high quality Sea Kayak made from Carbonlite composite for sale - £1100.

The boat is in good condition and suitable for days trips or longer expeditions. The hull is still sound with only a few minor scrapes on the bottom that you would expect from a used boat. Deck hatches are still in good condition. Elastics that retract bow and end grabs slightly perished (handles and straps themselves are sound.)

Plenty of storage with three separate compartment. Standard cockpit with well fitted out seat and easily adjustable footrests. It also has a retractable skeg - the slider to the side of the cockpit drops the skeg and is working smoothly).

I bought it a couple of years ago, from a local paddler. I never worked out from the previous owner how old it actually was, but neither of us have used it heavily. The boat has been stored under cover and previous owner kept it in a garage.

See https://eddyline.com/kayak-model/fathom for more details. I can also send on more photos on request.

Hurley area in case anyone wants to have a look.


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