Reinforced greenland paddle Norwegian wood

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Reinforced greenland paddle Norwegian wood

Post by thoma83 » Wed Oct 10, 2018 7:02 pm

I bought this, but its not for me.
Used once and it's still like new.


If you're looking for a jewel, or an extra robust Greenland paddle, this is it. The paddle is made from knotfree spruce, laminated with dark oak on the edges and at the ends, for extra durability and that special look.

225cm long

The wood is very tough and durable in itself. In addition it has been treated with two layers of our own wax reinforced linseed oil mixture.

The tips, most likely to be worn, are first reinforced mecanically with oak. The tip is then treated with clear penetrating epoxy and two additional layers of epoxy.

The finished result is a paddle that will last for years of rough use without noticable signs of wear.

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