Wenona Propector Rx 15 Season of hard choices

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Wenona Propector Rx 15 Season of hard choices

Post by ChrisSheard » Sun Sep 09, 2018 2:52 pm

I have really enjoyed this summer and the number of new come and tries at our Leeds club has been great.
However on a personal level, my boat is just too heavy for me to handle on to the car on my own, this has stopped me from field trips. So Much as I love this fabulous boat I have to accept my paddling is mainly solo and offer it to another loving home. It is 15 foot long in ROYALEX with normal twin seats. Quite wide at 37" and less than 36 at gunwale. Depth 14" rocker 3"+. Weight 28k naked. Has buoyancy blocks, kneeling thwart fitted, with detachable Yoke and strung with side loops for tying in. Has a few ghost areas, the usual ROYALEX scratches and one nick which would be covered by the skid plates I was going to put on. Probably now stands at just less than 35k with adds, ropes and all.
First couple, family etc with a £1,000 will be happy new owners
Best regards All


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Re: Wenona Propector Rx 15 Season of hard choices

Post by KevTgeKef » Mon Sep 24, 2018 7:25 am

Hi would it be possible to see photos please. You can send them to kevmeldrum@hotmail.com. I am very interested in this canoe. Kind regards Kev

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