Seconds from disaster

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Seconds from disaster

Post by AdurYakker » Fri Aug 10, 2018 10:00 pm

Found a video of local kayakers with very questionable experience and sense:

For context the Hafod gorge is g4 at least, very narrow, often tree choked and pretty high in this vid.

I wonder how often this sort of thing happens, and do we as a community have a responsibility to look out for this sort of thing?
And of course, has anyone seen anything similar?

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Re: Seconds from disaster

Post by banzer » Tue Aug 14, 2018 1:39 pm

I think we've all seen - or been part of - something similar. It's hard to judge from the video alone whether these folks were punching far above their weight, or just got unlucky, even though the former seems likely. So the question is, should you say something if you think others on the river are a disaster waiting to happen? Should you keep an eye out from a distance? Personally if I saw a group really struggling and the crux section was still to come, I would have a gentle word about the crux section and whether they have done it before, have they scouted etc. If they tell me to mind my own business I suppose I'd leave it at that, but make sure my throwbag is to hand. You can't always cure stupid.
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Re: Seconds from disaster

Post by Jim » Wed Aug 15, 2018 1:09 pm

I guess that depends what you mean by "look out for", and what you think you would do/say if you happened to see it?

I certainly dont think we need to go out patrolling our local runs to make sure there are no numpties gearing up to get on, but I think when you get to the put in, or catch a group on the river that ring alarm bells due to having the wrong kit, or apparently lacking basic skills most of us would find it difficult not to try and engage them in some kind of conversation that might offer more clues about whether they know what they are letting themselves in for or not. For some even that will cause offence, but even when it doesn't, if it has become plainly obvious to you that they are getting out of their depth, you still need to be very careful what you do next. Some will be like "who the **** are you to tell us what we can do" even though you only asked if they know it gets much harder in the next 1/2 mile, and others will be grateful because they really didn't know and actually don't want to risk it.

Have I seen something similar? How do you think I know you can get very different responses if you try to help/advise :)

Apart from that, you still sometimes bump into a bunch of old farts in retro gear who look like they are going to get beaten, but turn out to be genuinely gnarly boaters of yesterday who still have it despite only going out twice a year :) But another group with the same kit might have got it from ebay last week...

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