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Conor Buckboy
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Nene WWC

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Hi, been on many trips to Nene in a plastic playboat. However with a trip planned this year my club is thinking bringing our relic squirtboat. No idea what it is, just an old fibreglass squirtboat, not a fancy Kevlar thing just solid fibreglass, while I do t fit being 6'3 two of my friends do. Usually it's just been used on flat water in our local Marina.
Basically we are wondering if there's any point taking it to Nene, we've never done moving water squirt boating, mostly just want to see what happens and have fun. Do you more experienced people think it will survive running down Nene, it's quite solid, we are all 3 star. And what tips would you give to playboaters trying out a super long squirty boat that sits under the water in a flat Marina.
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Re: Nene WWC

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Nene isnt deep enough for a squirt boat IMO. Its only about 3ft deep Lol.
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