Dagger axiom thigh braces

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Dagger axiom thigh braces

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I was wondering if anyone with or who has paddled an Axiom could help me with the thigh braces?

I have the 8.5 with the fairly basic outfitting (contour I think it is called).

I have moved the thigh braces back towards the seat so they are actually on my thighs rather than knees but in the new position there is now one of the well nuts right where my knee cap contacts. Surely this is a design flaw to have a big pokey nut at both the front and back of a brace/pad?

I thought about building up where my knee contacts around the nut in foam but I would be needing to add 1cm plus which would likely mean my knee wouldn't fit.

If I took the bolt from the outside and fed it inside to out with the well nut on the external by the combing would solve the inside issue but would foul the spray deck.

Have attached a pic if the daft design and would be keen to know of any suggestions or work arounds that people have used.

Many thanks
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