Fatyak Mahee Outboard Electric motor

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Fatyak Mahee Outboard Electric motor

Post by BlackSwan83 »

Hi all.

This is my first post in the forum.

I have a two seater Fatyak Mahee kayak and am looking at fitting an outboard electric motor but have no idea where to start and was hoping i can have some advice and recommendations from people on here?

Thanks for your time in advance

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Re: Fatyak Mahee Outboard Electric motor

Post by ChrisJK »

Hi BlackSwan

I can't answer your question and you may get an avalanche of replies here but never having heard of the Fatyak Mahee kayak I Googled it https://fatyak-kayaks.co.uk/product/fat ... hee-kayak/ and it would appear to be an anglers kayak.

If so you might find more help on the Kayak anglers thread if you check that on the board index.
I've seen more discussion of sails and rudder systems on the sea kayaking thread rather than outboard motors but you might spark some discussion as hydrofoils came up recently.

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Re: Fatyak Mahee Outboard Electric motor

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