Rainbow Kayaks

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Atlanticway Paddle
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Rainbow Kayaks

Post by Atlanticway Paddle »

Hi what’s the deal with Rainbow Kayaks?
Are they any good.
I can’t find much about them , what’s the plastic like HDP , MDP or worse.
They are Italian I gather.
They seem to have some decent shapes, but I’m unwilling to buy without some knowledge.
Anyone here have any experience or stories to share regarding this Brand?

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Re: Rainbow Kayaks

Post by twopigs »

Paddled one of their expedition sea kayaks a couple of years ago - the plastic seemed a bit soft compared to P&H plastic, it felt wide and sluggish compared to a Scorpio but very stable as you might expect of a "wider" boat. I guess you get what you pay for!!
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Re: Rainbow Kayaks

Post by Ceegee »

I've paddled a rental in Greece. They really are generic tubs, not particularly sharp lines, fast or structurally stable. I'd be inclined to give them a miss for UK waters unless its basically for a bit of cheap bimbling off the local beach.
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Re: Rainbow Kayaks

Post by lennart »

Rainbow makes an number of different boats. and Dragorossi is comming form the same factory. Their kayakrange is sinlge layer. Their Laser is used by many rentalfleet/guided tours in the medetarian. reasons: sturdy, easy to paddle for a beginner price space for stuff. it will get you from a to b and so on. there are nicer boats on the planet. I think that if you are on a budget the Rtm Ysak is a slightly better option. Or a second hand . Currnetly it is hard to find any boat that will fit your needs. Patience is a great thing.
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Re: Rainbow Kayaks

Post by PeterG »

Amazingly tough and stable, but unresponsive so not a good kayak to improve your skills, quite fast but hard to turn and without the optional rudder a bit of a pig in wind. Excellent in my experience for pushing through ice and so stable you can do a running jump into the cockpit, handy for the wrong sort of shore.

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Re: Rainbow Kayaks

Post by KevinM »

The Jersey Canoe Club has 8 Rainbow Laser's in Greenland. They have proved to be really hard wearing, easy to pack, can fit 3 weeks food and kit, bounce of the ice nicely and are reasonably fast. They are a good introductory kayak and an appropriate expedition kayak in a harsh environment but if you are looking for a kayak to develop skills then perhaps look elsewhere.

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Re: Rainbow Kayaks

Post by Terryg »

Some strange responses, considering the original poster has not said what type of boat he is looking for.
Rainbow are an Italian manufacturer who have been around for some time. They have made a range of boats, as most manufacturers do.
I had a Rainbow Mephisto river running playboat for many years, the plastic was as good as anyone else's at the time.

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Re: Rainbow Kayaks

Post by Sean_soup »

Terryg wrote:
Tue Jul 06, 2021 1:12 pm
Some strange responses, considering the original poster has not said what type of boat he is looking for.
The question was asked in the sea kayaking forum, it's not that strange for people to assume the op is asking about sea kayaks as opposed to say river running playboats.

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