Neck Issues.

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Tricky Ricky
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Neck Issues.

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Hi, had a run in with scan cancer a while ago and needed surgery around the neck area. Now I find it hard to tolerate the squeeze of a dry cag.

I was looking at the Nookie Storm Jacket which looks good for the depths of winter but would like recommendations for an in-between summer winter job.

Thanks, take care.

Chris Bolton
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Re: Neck Issues.

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'Glideskin' neoprene neck seals are pretty good unless you're doing lots of rolling. Typhoon fit them as standard on some of their drysuits. If you have a cag that's otherwise good, you can buy the seals, but having replaced one I can say they are are much harder to fit than latex necks seals, and I don't recommend DiY. I'm sure people like Rubberman would fit one for you.

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Re: Neck Issues.

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Jonny Hightower
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Re: Neck Issues.

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+1. I have one of these and it's absolutely brilliant. The soft neck material is far more comfortable than my dry suit - so much so that once it's on I forget about it - yet when rolling it doesn't let in any noticeable amount of water. I've had it for about 2 years now and it's still water tight. Try one on if you can.

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