Advice for Sail Kayak build.

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Advice for Sail Kayak build.

Post by Doole »

I'm heading up a project with my local Kayaking Club, Youth Group to build PBK 10/s for underprivileged members. I have the build plans but they are several decades old (from my school 'O' Level Woodwork build!) so I'm looking for advice on what best materials to use for the build i.e.

Kayak Frames = ⅜ inch or 9mm Marine Plywood B.S.S. 1088?
Hog, Hardwood, for strength and ‘bottom weight’ = Parmin or Meranti?
Gunwales ?
Coaming frame ?
Cockpit coaming = Mahogany ?
Deck stringers = Ash ?
Deck beams ?
Bent frames ?
Bottom boards ?
Keel ?

Coverings: for Durability, Waterproof, Weight, Tightness; Prefer that it won’t need painting?
Hull material ? (original spec. PVC fabric or 15oz proofed canvas)
Deck material ? (original spec. 12oz proofed canvas)

Possible covering choices?
Ballistic nylon, (A problem with nylon textiles is that they get baggy when wet and needs painting?)
Hypalon Fabric (natural rubber, which is bonded to an industrial-strength Trevira polyester core.)
Hypalon Coated Nylon Fabric
Hypalon Coated Polyester Fabric.
(I believe that because of a scare Hypalon has been re-developed and rebranded as CSM?)
CSM or Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Rubber
Oratex 6000

I plan to include the Sailing Rig so I’m looking for advice for choice of materials for the build?
Mast, 7ft, 1¼ inch taper to ⅞ inch
Gaff, 4ft-3in
Boom 51 inch x 1inch diameter

Sails i.e. Shroud and Forestay material ?
Leeboards or Pontoon/s for stability

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Re: Advice for Sail Kayak build.

Post by Chris Bolton »

Welcome to UKRGB!

I don't have answers for everything, but some thoughts.

The PBK is an old design and you might be better with something newer, both in terms of build and use. There are many sailing canoe designs on the web. If you want to stick with skin and frame, look at for ideas. Alternatively, I would look for a design in stitch and glue plywood - I think you'll find materials and advice easier to obtain, and the boat will be more resilient to youthful enthusiasm.

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Re: Advice for Sail Kayak build.

Post by Jim »

Its a kayak so wants to be light, Ash would probably a reasonable choice for all of the frame, you don't want anything too dense.

I'm sure I have seen articles about skinning (caoes rather than kayaks) in the self build section of song of the paddle forum.

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Re: Advice for Sail Kayak build.

Post by Doole »

Thank you Jim for your interest :-)

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