1997 P&H Sirius M Spare Paddle

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1997 P&H Sirius M Spare Paddle

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Newbie here from across the pond. Question for those who have or have had a P&H Sirius series. Lurked around this site for quite awhile seeking what is the paddle made to fit in the recessed form on the rear deck? Can't find much if anything on this.

Acquired this Kayak a year ago, rescued from the rafters of a small boat shop here in Vermont. Barely used and have taken the time to replace items (deck lines to reflective deck lines, new Silva 70P compass, and wax wax wax....). Has the rear right hand bottle holder behind the cockpit and the most awesome foot powered bilge pump (Custom Kayak?) Deck hatches pristine.

Any information and/or a direction to search for this odd ball paddle is most welcomed and appreciated. Will be posting some more (maybe a lot) on my project 1990 Valley Nordkapp HS.

Mark Lund
North Ferrisburgh, VT USA

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