Sea kayak for messing around in Loch's

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Sea kayak for messing around in Loch's

Post by Strad »

Hi all,

I'm a long term WW kayaker (almost 40 years) but haven't played much in these weird long boats you folks love (just a couple of day trips with more experienced folks).

Having moved to Scotland a little over a year ago I'm thinking a point boat to play on Lochs would be good, I love the look of the Taran's but get the impression from what I've read they may not be the best option in terms of starting to play around in Lochs and then maybe the sea.

Would you all suggest the same route as WW tends to go i.e. find a club and try some boats out / get some experience or is there a decent boat recommendation that I could probably get away with on safer lochs so long as I am weather aware.
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Re: Sea kayak for messing around in Loch's

Post by Robert Craig »

I'd guess that the boat you choose won't have a lot on influence on your safety, as you are a WW kayaker. The issue will be what's comfortable and what fits - for which you might be best trying out several boats - which, as you hint, might be easier in a club environment. If not a club, I'd suggest something second hand so's you can sell it if it doesn't suit.

As to recommendations, my usual advice is that big people need big boats, and small people need small boats. It's a bit like ski boots - the right size is more important than the make.

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Re: Sea kayak for messing around in Loch's

Post by Jim »

Depends on your point of view, I would say try a Taran and if you don't fall in love _you_ are broken!

Some people find the Taran a little twitchy at rest, I never really did, I'll admit other boats felt more rock steady, but the Taran was never particularly twitchy but I could see it might not suit a compelte beginner. You aren't a complete beginner, and seem to have paddling long enough to have experienced many kinds of boats so I doubt you will have any reservations. Now that I paddle WWR boats a lot, my Taran does feel rock steady to me, in fact I sometimes wonder that I can get my paddle into the water at all past such a wide hull... Like I say, depends on point of view.

I love my Taran for day trips and camping trips although I rarely have time for the latter. They have been used for circumnavigating Britain, quite capable of dealing with any weather you want to throw at them, but just as happy gliding along in calm conditions.

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Re: Sea kayak for messing around in Loch's

Post by jmmoxon »

Any sea kayak will be useable, unless you don't fit in it, some will be nicer than others. Plastic is more forgiving for the excitement of rock hopping...

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