Jetski/Powerboat groups

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Mr Ed
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Jetski/Powerboat groups

Post by Mr Ed »

Twice this summer i've come across groups of powerboat users or Jetskis.

The first was at the Skerries off Anglesey where 18 powerboats had gone out for the day from Holyhead with the subsequent impact a group of 18 powerful boats all travelling in convoy would make on a special conversation area.

Second was today where a group of 22 jetskis (Callsign "Jetski 69") left Bull bay to go around Anglesey (against the tide but I guess no-one had told them about tides). In no time at all they'd confused Holyhead coastguard via VHF had stretched themselves out into a carcophony of noise whilst going at 20kts + into a fog bank. Great seamanship and on the paddle back into Bull bay I hauled out the water a 10L full petrol can they'd not stowed properly just waiting to coat the bay in a slick.

Anybody know the collective noun for groups of ocean engine users? Anyone got any suggestions?

Could we encourage them to use engines to go around other places? Maybe the M60 or M25?

Joking aside- we used to see the odd one or two out but now they seem to be operating in packs. Is this becoming more common?

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Re: Jetski/Powerboat groups

Post by rockhopper »

'The Romford Navy' is what we call them around here. Shame to tar them all with the same brush as I have come across some really nice ones but they are noisy (but not as noisy as the local RNLI hovercraft!!).


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Re: Jetski/Powerboat groups

Post by penelope »

I'm very glad to hear that you managed to pick up the fuel can and get it off the water. Thank you on behalf of the wild life.

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Re: Jetski/Powerboat groups

Post by JMarkW »

Aqua chav

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