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Exo Kayaks

Post by WWC »

Hi Guys,

We are taking Pre Orders for Exo Kayaks, we have demos coming in to add to our expanding demo fleet of the T-rex L, T-Rex S, Rexy, Six.

Exo T-Rex L a fast agile yet very forgiving boat to paddle great from gentle water through to extreme races more info https://www.wwc.co.uk/EXO-Kayaks/Exo-Kayaks-T-Rex-L

Exo T-Rex S brilliant for the lighter paddlers https://www.wwc.co.uk/EXO-Kayaks/Exo-Kayaks-T-Rex-S

Exo Rexy Fast agile playful river runner, great for bringing your local run alive again https://www.wwc.co.uk/EXO-Kayaks/EXO-Kayaks-Rexy

More to Follow, feel free to call us on 01267223555 or email sales@wwc.co.uk if you have any questions or would like to arrange a demo

Happy Paddling


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Re: Exo Kayaks

Post by RT83 »

Hi do you still have a demo of the EXO Rexy?

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Re: Exo Kayaks

Post by countvoncount »

I have no link to WWC, or to EXO for that matter, but in case people out there are wondering about their boats, I am paddling a Rexy and it's a very good boat: "softer" and more forgiving than something like the Ripper and a ton of fun.

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Re: Exo Kayaks

Post by Yew »

Flow Kayaks have one for demo at Nottingham Jake from flow is lovely, so get in touch :D!


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