J bars

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J bars

Post by GEOFF S » Mon Apr 16, 2018 1:06 pm

I have roof bars on my van which are approx 40mm square.
I've just tried to fit a pair of Lomo twin tube j bars but the brackets will not tighten securely enough- 40mm appears to be just outside the limit of the bracket design.
Does anyone know of any j bars which can be fitted to roof bars of 40mm ?


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Re: J bars

Post by MikeB » Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:50 pm

40mm square does seem like a big cross-section - I have standard (square section) Halfords / Thule bars which are 30mm. I suspect the Lomo J's are modelled on Thule ones, which in turn are going to be modelled on their square or aero bars.

Assuming that merely replacing the bolts with longer ones isn't a fix, then either consider replacing the bars with Halfords own brand square ones (which I'm fairly sure are made by Thule - and are what I use) or consider other makes of simple J bars with a bottom plate secured by a couple of bolts. Palm do a set like this. Their w/site doesn't give the spacing between the bolts, but certainly in days gone bye I used Palm uprights on a set of Audi aerobars which were quite wide.

Also consider the most excellent polyprop cradles offered by Kayak Carrier Systems (KCS) and Karitek. These offer far better support anyway. The hole centres on the KCS ones are certainly wide enough, and if not then Ronnie would make whatever you need to order. On like note, I expect he'd supply longer bolts if necessary. I believe the K/tek ones would also fit, and they too offer good service and advice.

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