Float-cut in the UK

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Float-cut in the UK

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Put simply are there any known options other than DIY for having a boat re-seamed and float-cut in the UK these days, without downtime?

I'm hoping to have my Meltdown reseamed and recut, as it's never been entirely waterproof since I got vertically pinned in it 4-5 years ago, and was always a touch small for my weight (not helped by some significant pie-eating in the last few years), and C1 squirts are particularly awkward at the best of times.

My first thought was that Valley built (also designed, I think...) the boat, and Big-Dog are making the Karma now, so there's a chance they might, but not seen any explicit mention of that anywhere.

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Re: Float-cut in the UK

Post by WWC »

Have you got in touch with Mega Kayakshttp://www.megakayaks.co.uk/pages.php?pageid=6 they are making boats in the UK again or Chris Hobson https://designcomposites.com/
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