Possible exclusion zone on Anglesey north coast

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Possible exclusion zone on Anglesey north coast

Post by ron-t » Mon Jun 05, 2017 6:12 pm


I recently went to one of the Horizon Nuclear consultation roadshows about the proposed new nuclear powerstation at Wylfa, on the north coast of Anglesey.

One of the things that I found out was that Horizon Nuclear are planning to bring a lot of the materials and equipment to the site by sea, rather than by road, and it looks as if this could have a significant impact on access to a part of the sea along the north coast of Anglesey.

The new power station is being built immediately to the west of the existing power station, and they are going to extend the land into the east corner of Porth-y-pistyll, where they are proposing to build a harbour or wharf of some kind.

They are also proposing to build two breakwaters - one stretches out from the east side of Porth-y-pistyll, the other much longer one is an island, that runs roughly north/south out from the west side of Porth-y-pistyll.

They have also defined an off-shore development area - it is roughly an elipse with the larger axis running north/south that stretches out northwards from Porth-y-pistyll by about 1 kilometre.

I asked them if this would be an exclusion zone for unrelated boats, but I didn`t get an answer, you can read into that whatever you want.

I gather that they have to apply for some kind of marine licence before they can do all this, but I have no idea who says it is an exclusion zone, and who announces it.

So there is a possibility that during the construction of the power station there will be an exclusion zone around the development area.

Whether there is or isn`t, there is obviously going to be a lot of marine traffic around the area, so maybe it will effectively become a no-go area anyway.

And then forever more there will be the long breakwater out to the north of the headland on the west side of Porth-y-pistyll.

The northern end of the long breakwater is going to be right out in the main tidal flow, both ebb and flood, so there may well be some interesting moving water effects for you to deal with or enjoy.

None of this should have much impact if you are launching from Cemaes and heading east towards Dinas Gynfor or Middle Mouse or the brickworks or Bull Bay, except there may be more shipping.

Again, none of this should have much impact if you are launching from Cemlyn and heading west towards Carmel Head or the Skerries, except again there will be more shipping, and the breakwater might have some effect on the ebb tidal flow around Cemlyn Point and the Harry Furlough Rocks.

However it will have quite an impact if you want to go along the coast between Cemlyn and Cemaes, as you will have to go quite far out to avoid the area, so you are out on open water a long way from land between Cemlyn and Wylfa Head in an area of strong tidal currents.

Now the developments in and around Porth-y-pistyll will be done before the construction of the power station begins in earnest - if their timetable goes according to plan and they get all the neccessary approvals, they would be starting the development work around Porth-y-pistyll in roughly 15 - 18 months time.

I don`t think I am going to bet on this time scale, but it is probably worth keeping an eye on what`s happening if you paddle around the north coast of Anglesey.

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Re: Possible exclusion zone on Anglesey north coast

Post by seawolf856 » Fri Jun 09, 2017 10:50 am

Thanks for the post, very interesting, it is an area I paddle a lot. There has definitely been increased activity at the plant in the last couple of years, visible from the sea - increased site traffic, cranes etc. It will be interesting to see how the 'authorities' would police an exclusion zone. Nobody seems to bother you as you paddle right under the nose of Wylfa at the moment. Harry Furloughs is a very popular tide race, you have to wonder how an extensive breakwater will affect the area.
How did you get involved in the Horizon Nuclear road show? I haven't heard any other sea kayak chatter about these proposals. Please keep posting if you hear anything else, I will do the same.

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Re: Possible exclusion zone on Anglesey north coast

Post by ron-t » Sun Jun 11, 2017 11:13 am


Thank you for your post, I don`t have any particular involvement with Horizon Nuclear - they are holding a whole series of these roadshows around Anglesey as part of their consultation about the new nuclear power station, and I think they are going on until the end of June. They are being advertised on Mon FM, and I guess the Horizon Nuclear website will have details as well.

There just happened to be one not far from where I am staying, so I went along to see what is what. Anyone can go to them, they are free, just walk in and wander around.

The north coast of Anglesey can provide some great sea kayaking, it is a wild, isolated, and exposed part of the Anglesey coastline, and I don`t think that if there is one, an exclusion zone will prevent access to the best bits to the west of Cemlyn or to the east of Cemaes - so there will still be plenty of super sea kayaking to be had.

I don`t think the breakwater will affect the flood tide through Harry Furlough rocks, but it might - might - reduce the ebb tide a bit, but there is no certainty about that, it is just my guess.

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Re: Possible exclusion zone on Anglesey north coast

Post by Mike A » Thu Jun 15, 2017 7:25 am

An artist impression on bbc website today

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-nort ... s-40278034

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