kayak bag

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kayak bag

Post by charleston14 »

Anyone out there made a kayak bag for keeping the uv off their boats?

I'm Interested in materials, tips to make one, online resources etc. etc.

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Re: kayak bag

Post by PlymouthDamo »

I haven't, but RickC from this parish gave me a good tip on material to cover your roof bars, which should also work for a boat bag: that fabric you put on the ground to stop weeds growing. It can obviously cope with being roughly treated out in the elements for long periods, and can be purchased in very long lengths very cheaply. I got mine when Lidl were doing a gardening sale.

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Re: kayak bag

Post by neonbowhawk »

Yeah i made one out of a double layer of the weed fabric Plymouth damo mentions. The lightweight fabric not the more heavy duty woven plastic type. It sewed really easily and quickly. Its kept in my porch though not outside.

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Re: kayak bag

Post by Jim »

I haven't made a boat bag, but I normally buy fabric for projects from Profabrics & Penine Outdoor. Profabrics probably have a better choice of stuff for this, they are attached to a sailmaker so have a lot of tough waterproof fabrics.
I would probably look at 1000 denier cordura with PU coating, but if you want a really tough heavy bag they also have waterproof canvas and the stuff to make yacht canopies. They also have sailcloth including the stuff to make the UV strip used at the outer edge of roller reefing sails to protect the rest of the sail from the sun when stored rolled in place.

Get some of their bonded polyester thread (won't rot) and some suitable machine needles - go for the larger sizes (should match to the thread), I use ball point needles a lot - they slip between the weave without cutting the yarn, but sharps or jeans needles would be suitable too - not leather point they have like a small blade at the tip and will cut the yarn too much.

Not sure about how to work out the shapes for the fabric, maybe try making patterns in paper first, tape up and see how well it fits? Otherwise go for something simple in 2D and make it plenty big enough.

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Re: kayak bag

Post by Phizz4 »

I made one from fabric designed for car and caravan covers. I sourced it from Ebay. I cut it into a rough kayak shape and put a long zip in the side which runs about half way ( sourced from Pennine). The boat slides in and then gets zipped up. There is a draw cord at the opening. It is not a thing of elegance but it does a good job of keeping my boat clean and dry where it sits at the side of the house. Cost me about 50 pounds in total.

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